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Pho Viet (Trimble & 1st St)
Pho Viet (Trimble & 1st St)
2557 N 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95131
Starts accepting orders tomorrow at 8:00 AM

Pho Viet (Trimble & 1st St)

2557 N 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95131

We are Pho Viet of San Jose, serving nothing but the best bowls of Pho in three similar yet distinct locations. What makes us unique in a venerable sea of restaurants is our tendency to get a bowl of Pho just rightfrom the noodles tantalizingly dangling around every component to the succulent meat simmering beneath a surface of savory broth and the fresh herbs floating in the midst of it all. Indeed, we know what an excellent serving of delicious Pho should taste like.

Whether delicate, rich, spicy or subtle in flavor, its all a matter of balanceat Pho Viet, we take care to create a perfectly balanced fusion of broth, noodles, beef and accent elements that yield artful arrangements of brightly-colored chopped cilantro and scallion scatterings. Thats not all we serve our Pho with a separate plate chock full of fresh basil varieties, bean sprouts, slices of jalapeno and even a wedge or two of lime. Lip-smacking sauces such as sriracha and hoisin provide a personalization touch for your broth, allowing for a perfect meat-dipping accompaniment.

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Of all the tantalizing Pho selections on our menu, its the Pho Bo that causes the most hoopla amongst our legions of return customers. Specifically in its beef variant, Pho Bo takes everything that makes a great Pho bowl the broth, essentially and adds the element of simmering bones and meat to the equation. Add in charred ginger and onions, star anise, cloves and other warm spices and you have the makings of a Vietnamese feast. With one try, were confident youll come to love the Pho Bo, too.

Though regarded as an everyday soup, Pho has been proven to be rich in vitamin content, and plays a vital role in the staple diet, health and morale of the Vietnamese people. We here at Pho Viet are proud to share this culinary staple with you a staple that we refer to as the Jewel of Vietnamese Cuisine.

Please join us at one of our three San Jose locations 1092 N. First Street at N. First Street and Younger Avenue, 1751 N. First Street Suite 60 at N. First Street and Old Bayshore Highway and 2557 N. First Street at N. First Street and Trimble Road.

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